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Development of telemetry

Telemetry is a combination of science and technology. It allows to create systems for remote control and automatization of processes.

Modern definition of telemetry includes a range of complex processes: :

  • remote measurement of a variety of parameters using suitable sensors,
  • reporting of measured parameters through cable, radio or GSM network and internet connection to workstations (servers),
  • data processing, modification (eg. converting impulses into liters or watts), accumulation, analysis.

 Communication with installed remote equipment can be set as one-way or two-way depending on individual needs and technical possibilities. 
    At the beginning telemetry was developed as local solution, eg. for monitoring of production parameters in different stages of technological process which is quite difficult to perform by human labour because of required time or physical dangerous to human health (nuclear power plants, chemical industry etc.). 

    After invention of wireless technologies, network of telemetry has spread and started beeing used in monitoring of natural phenomena and alterations in value (eg. air or water temperature, water level, seismic activity etc.). It was enough to obtain data from extensive net of sensors several times a day ar in case of alarm activation to perform sufficient monitoring.

    In the face of development of technical possibilities and various controlling microprocessors it wasn’t enough to read data after certain event especially when this can cause information loss eg. for complex and expensive military technology in case of unmanned military aircraft accident. For this reason wireless real-time control and management systems were developed.

    Real breakthrough of telemetry occured when GSM technology has been put to use. GSM technology ensured wide and steady communication network, cheaper data transmission. Therefore today almost every household can afford remote control of household’s appliances using SMS or personal computer for more complex systems where manual change of certain parameters (eg. heating value) is needed.  


Instead of engaging in realization of complex one-time systems, eM2M solutions focus on getting closer with individual customers and providing a product of value that gives the benefit of remote control in everyday usage. For providing M2M based servise we use mobile communications and internet technology.