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Device ER24 GSM

Personal emergency unit ER24 GSM requires GSM network connection for full functionality  and high quality service. 


ER24 GSM unit is easy to use - just one red button and voice connection with Monitoring Center 24/7 will be established. Unit technical features ensure that Monitoring Center operator will hear the surroundings for 10 meter distance including voice of the person calling for help. 


ER24 GSM functional features:

-         Two-way voice connection with Monitoring Center operator established in just one button push; 

-        Established voice connection between Monitoring Center and equipment unit can be terminated only by Monitoring Center operator; 

-        Constant network connection, electricity supply and internal battery level control through GPRS network one every hour;

-        Having disrupted electricity supply, internal battery will maintain operation of device up to 16 hours; 

-        When internal battery reaches marginal point, device starts working in ’sleep’ mode and is activated right after an alarm button is pushed;

-         The device ER24 GSM can be called to only from Monitoring Center and a certain range of predefined phone numbers; 

-         Device installation process does not require special knowledge or tools - it is enough just to  attach GSM antenna and plug in the device;

-         The device itself is useless to thiefs, it can only call one destination phone number – 1812.

POWER, NET and GPRS LEDs indicate internal battery state (pluged in/out), GSM and GPRS network level etc. ALARM indicates voice connection between device and Monitoring Center and is activated after alarm button is pushed.

Monitoring Center operators  working 24/7/365

24h/day operating Monitoring Center ensures timely response to alarm messages from device ER24 GSM. Monitoring Center is equipped with up to date computer software that identifies incoming data packages as well as voice connections from device units and relates it with personal data (name, address, special external features, blood type, health condition and typical disorders, entrance plan etc.). Call for help will be answered by our operators and according to situation in no time information will be transmited to local authorities and/or indicated contact persons (neighbours, relatives, social workers). To cancel arrival of local authorities (police) Monitoring Center operator will ask you for correct password which is specified in service agreement.