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eTransport allows driver indentification using iButton key. This feature enables users to monitor who is driving specific vehicle. Identification is useful in forming reports and sorting by driver.

   Advantages of identification in eTransport system:
  • Each driver’s working hours record;
  • Each driver’s fuel consumption report; 
  • Report of visited geographical areas;
  • Accounting of vehicle’s use not for working needs; 
  • Prompt informing about unauthorized vehicle movement. 

Working hours report is displayed in numerical and graphical form. Graphic chart is useful in convenient analysis of working hours lenght and assessment of each worker’s working time. Also in working hours report information about operating time and place of hydraulic devices, concrete pump, emergency lights, broom or spreaders is displayed. Thus making easier for users to assess vehicle’s inactivity time and workload. Accurate control and analysis of working hours and workload will improve labour productivity and reduce costs. 

Apsaugos Centras fleet management and control system eTransport can be modified according to individual user need. eTransport is product of unlimited possibilities constantly improved and perfected since 2005.