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eTransport Professional combines traditional eTransport service and Garmin navigators to fully meet up-to-date requirements of logistics and transportation service providers. Garmin navigator offers a faster orientation in an unknown territory and thus eTransport Professional enables its users to send a travel destination directly to the driver in a timely manner. Also the new system allows various text  information to be sent  between the user and driver without taking time to think  about  different  SMS  and call rates in different countries. 

The course of the route can be monitored i service together with Garmin navigators completely satisfies
eTransport Professional  provides its users with means to plan a route for each vehicle, optimize it with just one task button and send this information directly to the destined driver’s Garmin navigator. The course of the route can be monitored real time in computer screen and controlled or adjusted using eTransport ask buttons.

eTransport Professional
saves your money by preventing human errors that can cause long delays in reaching travel destination. Communication with the driver using this system is free of charge - SMS sent either to the driver or the system user is free of charge, thus eliminating the need to limit number of characters in one text message.  Work efficiency is increased  by real time monitoring of vehicle’s movement, fast and easy dispatch of travel destination, updates in travel route and other relevant information consequently  allowing one person to control bigger amount of vehicle at the same time and without significantly more effort.

Basic functions ofeTransport and Garmin navigator package:


Sending messages from eTransport to navigator screen

Sending messages from navigator to eTransport application screen

Message delivery control both ways

Sending messages to navigator using templates

Creating&saving message templates in navigator

Sending travel destination from eTransport to navigator

Route optimizing and sending directly to navigator

Road maps with address search

Voice guidelines (Lithuanian , Englisch, Russian, etc.)

Autonomous work mode

User identification

Driver forewarn about critical technical parameters

Package price:

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Monthly service fee:

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