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SECURITY - securing assets that are being held at home (object) from illegal physical impact, stealing or usurpation. Usually security service is insterpreted as: monitoring of alarm system state in Monitoring Center and instant response (sending armed rapid response team to object, information call or SMS to contact person about alarm activation) to alarm activation.

Why choose security of your home?

Every year arround 9 thousands burglaries are registered in our country. Some of the burglaries are executed at night in silence when owners of the house are sleeping, other burglaries are done using keys or master-keys. Sometimes burglaries have very serious consequences  when owners of the house or children left alone at home are killed or badly injured. It has been identified that 99 out of 100 locks were  overcame with ease using simple tools. 

Unfortunately, police only solves one quarter of all registered burglaries. And numbers like these are reason enough to make investments in security of ones house and family. Everybody knows cases when burglaries were executed to neighbours or friends households with  their absent owners. Burglars try to exploit situations like that when owners are away or there are no neighbours to provide assistance.

Residents usually are mistaken thinking that their households are safe. "Apsaugos centras’" can deny common belief about one’s household safety, assistance of neighbours if needed or household and assets in it beeing insured.  

Lots of people think that way and usually only invest in security means such as door locks or lightning of home exterior. These means of security do not guarantee security of your home and are only a begininig in making your home safer for you and your family. Not even the most expensive lock will help if it is installed in old wooden doors. Even more, during burglary doors are usually broke open along with doorpost. Steel doors are no exception since it is also quite easily overcame for burglars. Other entry options than through doors are available for burglars - they can use neighbours balcony to get in and leave through your door with valuable assets. 

Determined burglar can tell if there’s someone at home or not very quickly. It is enough to press the doorbell  and wait for someone to answer it or not. If the doors were answered burglars pretend to be sales managers or interviewers. If there’s no one to answer the doors it is very  easy for burglars to get inside of the house through windows or doors no matter how complex the lock is.

Another popular belief among residents is that neighbours can protect their house from burglars. However, most of the burglars are cautious and choose the most suitable moment of attempting burglary when selected victim or object ir most vulnerable. No matter how much effort your neighbours will put into looking after your home the risks still remain. Your neighbours also have a bath, go shopping, talk on the phone, look after their children, sleep and only glance at your home from time to time. Nobody takes into account possible fear or indifference from neighbours  in the face of burglary. Not in vain specialists of security recommend to shout ’FIRE!" and not ’HELP!!’ in case of jeopardy.  

Some residents also think that they have nothing of value and thus they are not threatened. Only after disaster has happened they realise  that their family and children suffered moral trauma, how much of financial losses occured, how valuable and dear lost  assets were. Various small things (family pictures, inexpensive jewelry or other trifle inherited from family) are priceless. Besides burglars can be cruel and avengeful.  There are cases when breaking and entering results in acts of vanadalism only because burglars find things of little value or just because they can devastate everything unhampered.

Most people insure their assets as a way to increase security of their home. Insurance in case of burglary will pay for lost assets in their monetary value. But what about moral value? From grand-grandmother inherited ring, grangfather’s medal for courage in fighting, most precious memory from childhood - these are things that cannot be insured. It is one thing to lose a computer but it is completely another thing loosing information stored in this computer (almost finished final masters thesis, your company’s book-keeping data). There are many things that insurance cannot compensate enough in monetary terms and every home is full of such assets. Adding this to fright of your family members it can be said  that insurance isn’t the best way to ensure safety of your home and peace of mind to your family. 

Apsaugos centras has more than 7 years of experience in the field of applying new generation technologies for security services.  Fro providing security service we use specially adapted equipment communicating through INTERNET and GSM networks that allows us to provide our customers with high quality security service in low price. Having received alarm activation alert we will send nearest availaible rapid response team or/and police equipage instantly to  clarify reason of alarm activation or to arrest trespassers. It will shorten the time required for rapid response team to get to the object. All these described technological and organizational aspects justify competitive advantage of our service. 

Common belief that security of ones home is expensive has some flaws. Apsaugos centras offers technical equipment of security system  for free during the period of using security system; you will have to pay only for activating security system in our Monitorin Center (one-time fee) and monthly fee for monitoring your security system and instant response to alarm activation and other messages.