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  • eM2M

  • eVehicle - fleet management and control enabling users to monitor selected vehicle in real-time web application and obtain relevant telemetric data (fuel level, cargo space, temperature, engine state...). Vehicle monitoring and communication with drivers via mobile apps.

  • eSafety - constant technical security and remote control for private residence, commercial premises and surroundings using global electronic security systems that operate nation-wide through internet, landline or GSM network.

  • eAlarm - personal emergency response system designed to allow residents call for help in case of emergency (assault, life threat, medical emergency or fire) with just one push of a button of an emergency unit ER24 GSM.

  • KąDaryt? – task management solution for businesses with mobile workforce. Managers can easily control resources and workload using the specialized web platform and mobile workers report tasks progress via specialized app in their smartphones.