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Emergency alarm in case of attack, assault, health problems, accident or other extreme situation with just one push of a button.  


ALARM provided by  Apsaugos Centras – it’s an opportunity for faster and easier call for help when the need arrises (accident at home, health disorder, fire or assault). With just one push of an alarm button help is on its way and no need to dial emergency phone number.

ALARM is useful to:

-         Elderly people who are living alone;

-         Residents with health disorders or physical condition;

-         Aloof living residents;

-         Single mothers with little children.


Fully operating personal emergency alarm system consists of two basic components - technical equipment unit ER24 GSM and 24h/day operating Monitoring Center where alarm messages are received and processed for further use.


 Apsaugos Centras has been providing ALARM service since March 2006. Since the beginning ALARM service was dedicated to assist elederly people that have physical disorders or live alone in remote locations. The core of the service is simplicity in calling for help because there is no time to loose when every second is important. With just one push of a button help will be on its way to you. ALARM equipment unit ER24 GSM is assembled and tested in Lithuania and our Monitoring Center is staffed with skilled operators and equipped with all the necessary communication facilities to receive calls from personal emergency equipment units. 

In year 2007 service ALARM was awarded silver medal by Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists in the contest "Product of the year 2007".